USEFOOL INFORMATION about Koh Phayam island
1. No ATM and Banks in the island!!!
Even this mentioned in many websites - 50% of visitors not bring with them enough cash. You can change money
in the island and even take advanced cash from your credit card, but it will cost you more than in mainland and
only in high season.

2. Boat transfer to the island
Ferry  Boat schedule
Until feather notice:
Ranong - Koh Phayam island 9.30 AM and 2.00 PM
Koh Phayam island - Ranong  8.30 AM and 2PM
Transfer time - 2 Hours. 200 THB per person

Speedboat transfer to island - only in high season ( November- April ):
Ranong - Koh Phayam  -   10 AM , 2.30  PM, 4.30 PM
Ko Phayam - Ranong - 9 AM, 10AM, 1 PM. 2.30PM
270-500 THB per person

3. Flights  to Ranong Airport.

2  daily flights

4. In case if you need to stay in Ranong overnight- Recommended:
Le Ranong Bistro  -
Pathu Resort -
Deluxe :
Tenedee Hotel -
( Former - Royal Princess Ranong )

5. If you come by bus from Bangkok.
The cheapest and easy way come to Ranong - by VIP night bus. Only one inconvenience that this bus
come in Ranong very early, when everything closed.

Booking Online:

6. If you come by rail from Bangkok.
You cannot come by rail to Ranong directly. The closest stations - Chumporn and Lang Suan. Not
convenient you should arrange private transfer very early - 5.30Am or go to bus station and take
minibus to Ranong. Every hour from 8AM.


If you planning to stay in Koh Phayam island long time or forget something we suggest you to visit
TESCO supermarket, what is not far from Ranong bus station. One of the best supermarket chain in
Thailand where you can find almost all you may need at affordable price.
Open  from 8 AM till 11 PM.

8. VISA Run
If you like adventures - you can do it traditional way through Ranong fishing port. But if you want
hassle free visa update - go to Andaman Club pier. Almost every hour , in 15 minutes air conditioned
catamaran bring you to
Andaman Club resort in Burma . You can even return with same catamaran or
spend 1 hour play in casino ,buy cheap cigarettes and alcohol in duty free shop or drink coffee , eat
ice cream or delicious cakes. . All pleasure cost you 850 THB ( including Burmese visa and transfer )
for adult and 450 THB for children and take 1-2 hours.
Very safe keep your car in secure parking there.
Click here to see photos of recent Visa Run trip to Burma.
Map of Ranong - how to find Andaman Club pier

Please check with new immigration rules before make visa run!

You can easy rent motorcycle with manual or automatic transmission in the island, There are many
rental shops near main pier or along to main road. Price start from 100 THB per day.  Good and new -
around 200-350 THB per day. Please look careful when rent and better take photos with date imprinted
on both sides to avoid conflicts when return. Price of spare parts expensive. Light scratch can cost
you 5000 Baht.  Do NOT run motorcycle on the beach!! Salt water and sand destroy all very fast and
also driving on the beach  damage very fragile local ecosystem.  
Our advice to all visitors is do not rent any motor bike here unless you are a competent rider, only give
copies of passport / ID to the rental shop, and take note of the rental agreement which in most cases
are written in English and plainly say that the hirer is not insured and will be heavily penalised, for the
smallest scratch, regardless of circumstances,
PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE on the BEACH!! You will never do it in your country, please don't do it here.
The majority of tourists that come here do not ride any form of motorbike back home , rent a bike and
have an accident and wonder why.

Now GSM signal from 3 mobile provides available   in the island - AIS . TRUE and DTAC. The best
solution to call abroad and also receive call is to buy Thai Sim card and install in your mobile phone. If
you dial when call abroad 009 , instead of (+) or 001 in most country will cost you 4-7 THB per minute.
Incoming calls - free.
Not expensive and good Internet speed everywhere in the island - using 3G withTrue or GPRS/EDGE  
to connect your notebook or Ipod to Internet. You can buy dedicated Internet SIM or use local
telephone SIM card. There are many packages and promotion to choose from local providers to do it.

Very good and not expensive hospital in the island near pier . Big White building. Open 9Am - 5 Pm.
First aid, medicine etc.. For more serous case - Ranong with government hospital and private clinics.
Pay serious attention to sand flies bites. In some area of the island on the beach - they bite at sunset or
in cloudy weather. Many people have allergy, because of bites . Use any good anti mosquitoes
repellent before and cream after ( best - local SEMBAK or systral cream )  to stop itching,
Take anti allergic pills if itching not stop. For jelly fish stings - if you are not lucky - use vinegar .